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Nutritious Thoughts compassion-centered team of dietitians navigate nutrition from a non-judgmental space. Our approach to wellness looks at the whole person, recognizing similarities and honoring differences.

During your time, we will...
• Provide science-based education to expand your knowledge
• Explore what role food plays in your life
• Challenge negative food beliefs
• Develop skills for sustainable change
• Live the life you deserve

Our messaging might look different than others, our dietitians are Body Neutral, meaning all bodies are accepted and appreciated, we practice under the philosophy that all body sizes can be healthy and focus on a non-diet approach to balanced nutrition and sustainable health. Truth be told, there is no "quick fix" when nutrition is involved, so let Nutritious Thoughts pave the path for your journey.

During your initial visit, we will complete all necessary paperwork, get you comfortable, then begin our session. This initial information gathering session will take anywhere between 60 & 90 minutes. If at any point you need a break, drink of water or restroom break, feel free. We will gather the information needed then reconvene on a later date for our follow-up session to discuss next steps towards becoming your best self!

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