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Nutrition & Dietitian Services

Personalized Nutrition

Nutritious Thoughts dietitians make sure everyone is treated with utmost respect in a non-judgmental environment. We are a team of *body neutral* dietitians providing personalized nutrition for each individual. Our approach is looking at the whole person, recognizing our similarities and honoring our differences. We have access to a variety of tools, including, but not limited to; educational material, meal plans, metabolic testing, genetic testing and lived experience from a variety of different backgrounds.

During your initial time with us, a thorough 60-90 minute assessment will be completed followed by a 60-minute follow-up appointment to discuss next steps towards becoming your best self!  By joining the Nutritious Thoughts community you can shed the shame around food and learn a nourishing way to live!

We also hold skill based groups on a variety of topics, including; Mindful Eating, Holiday sur-THRIVE-al & Nourishment.

Continuing Education & Clinical Supervision

Nutritious Thoughts, LLC offers continuing education opportunities as well as clinical supervision for Dietitians and interns in the areas of eating disorders, weight concerns and sports nutrition.

Please CONTACT US with any further question.  

*body neutral* all bodies are accepted and appreciated.