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Nutrition Counseling

Nutritious Thoughts team of compassion-centered dietitians provide a non-judgmental environment for you to share your story. Let us listen so we can help. Our approach to wellness is looking at the whole person, recognizing similarities and honoring differences. Our dietitians are Body Neutral, meaning all bodies are accepted and appreciated. Understand there is no "quick fix" to wellness and Nutritious Thoughts dietitians will provide personalized nutrition care for each individual, family and group.

During your initial time with us, a thorough assessment will be completed. This initial session can take anywhere between 60 & 90 minutes, so we will reconvene on a later date for our follow-up session to discuss next steps towards becoming your best self!
By joining the Nutritious Thoughts community, you can shed the shame around food and learn a nourishing way to live!

We also hold Educational Programs, Experiential Programs and Support Groups.  Checkout our Groups & Programs!

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