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Upcoming Groups

FREE Nutrition Support Group

Thursdays at 6:00 - 7:00 PM (Ongoing Group)
Finding joy in the "process". Creating an environment filled with support around body and food positivity. This group is designed to evolve and adapt each week to better suit group member's needs.

Nourishment Skills Building Group

Starting Sept 5th 2017
(6 week series)
Group is open to all who want to build self-assurance in how they nourish themselves. The first step to a lifelong recovery from disordered eating/eating disorders is acknowledgement, then …knowledge.
This series will focus on education, planning, and NOURISHMENT.

Mindful Eating Skills Building Group

Starting in Oct 2017
(6 week series)

Group is open to all who want to follow their intuition and join our weekly Dietitian led mindful/intuitive eating group. This group provides a forum for growth and healing by introducing and simplifying the concept of mindful eating in a way that will eventually become natural to incorporate into your daily lives. This group is also beneficial for those already familiar with mindful eating, but could use some brushing up on their skills.

Translating Food Science into the Art of Eating

Jan 2018
(6 week series)

In our day-to-day lives we are bombarded with many messages about "diets" "good foods" "bad foods" "organic" "natural" "calories" and "body ideals", that when it's all said and done, it appears there's nothing left. Often times this leaves us with frustration, guilt or even shame with our eating experiences. It's hard to siphon through and decide what messages are helpful and what is doing more harm than good.

This group is designed to...
Clearout marketing jumble
Return to science
Reconnect with your body
Create an artistic way to meet your individual needs

During our six weeks together, we will have interactive groups based on how we can translate our societal and scientific messages to best serve us, how to reframe our relationship with food, and to remind ourselves we do not have to color within the lines. We can all find freedom with food.

Six-Week Series Group Agreement