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Sports Nutrition

Athletes need nutritional guidance, just as they need coaches and trainers, for health and performance. When taking part in intense activity the body goes through many changes and the athlete must keep up nutritionally, otherwise performance or health may be compromised.

After learning about the athlete's schedule of workouts, intensity and type, as well as goals, we take weight, measurements and body fat percentage if needed. This is not an attempt to focus on body shape or size, but rather to help determine whether or not the athlete is getting enough nutritional support to keep the body strong and in balance.

The athlete spends the following week keeping a food log with amounts, types and times nourishment is taken. Follow-up visits involve analyzing logs to decide where gaps may exist and implementing a "game plan" around nutritional support.

Nutritious Thoughts is currently part of the didactic program for MAHEC's Sports Medicine Residency in Asheville NC.


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