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Community Resources


Asheville Family Medicine - 828-252-8885
Emily Diznoff, MD
Malorie Schoof, MD

Dr. Lisa Reed - MAHEC Family Health Center at Newbridge

Dr. Aaron Vaughan - MAHEC

Dr. Ananda Vieages - Our Family Doctor

Julie Chilton, MD - 415-203-9645


Heidi Andersen, MA, LPC, CEDS - Reclaiming Beauty

Dr. Breese Annable, PsyD

Alisha Audeh, MA, LPC, LMHC

Kathryn Blount, MA ED, LPC, LMBT

Corey Brown, MA ET, LPC, RYT

Kristen Carswell, MS, LPCS

Tina Clark, LPC

Rebecca Daniel, MA, LPA

Jamie Earnhardt, LMHC

Dr. Haley Elder, Ph.D.

Jameson Halberg, LCSW

Dr. Martine Jones, PsyD

Dale Ann Karl, MA, LPC

Ann-Marie Kilpatrick, LPCS, ATR

Dr. Jamie Lopez, Ph.D.

Karen Macke, LPC-S

Tammy Maxey, MS, LPC, LCAS, CEDS

Kambra Meyer, MA, LPC, LCAS

Vanessa Pickett, EdS, LPC

Allison Puryear, LCSW, CEDS

Rebecca Shroder, MS, LPCA, LCAS-A, RYT

Sarah Simpson, MA, LPCA

Sybil Smith, LPC-MHSP, FAMI, MT-BC

Matt Snyder, MS, MA, PsyD, LPCS

Megan Stanton, MA, LPCA, LCASA

Lara Stevenson, MS, LPCA

Susan Strain, LCSW

Carolyn McCarter Wood, MDiv, MSW, LCAS


Joyful Nature

Other Resources

f.e.a.s.t. - Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders

Full Circle Counseling and Wellness

iaedp - International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals

Mountain Phoenix Center for Vibrant Living

NEDA - National Eating Disorder Association

RehabCenter - an organization connecting people seeking treatment to the resources they need

Return to Balance with Reiki

Tapestry Residential Treatment

Carolina Resource Center for Eating Disorders (T.H.E. Center for Disordered Eating)

WIllow Place Treatment