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The Prospect of Alternative Healing Methods

In addition to seeing a primary care provider, a therapist, and a registered dietitian, some people who suffer from eating disorders may really benefit from other forms of energy healing. Things like reiki, massage therapy, yoga, meditation, equine therapy, etc. can all be extremely valuable additions to any treatment plan.
Some people are skeptical about things like energy healing, meditation, chakras, etc. and do not think these practices will work for them. However, I’m a firm believer in being open-minded to different forms of treatment and embracing the idea of comprehensive healing of the physical, mental, and spiritual self.
Reiki is “a healing technique based on

the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.” After reiki, many people experience true benefits in their physical and mental state and some feel more connected to their higher selves.
A growing number of studies indicate that yoga and meditation can be beneficial for mental health and self care. Yoga allows one to calm the mind and realign the body. It is a great way to reduce stress and engage in light movement. Meditation is beneficial in that it allows just a moment in the day where thoughts fade into the background and the mind is quieted. Even for a few minutes, a couple times per week, just laying down with your eyes closed focusing on nothing but breathing can do wonders for anyone.
Massage therapy, equine therapy, and art therapy are other ways in which people can engage in self-care. Trying out different relaxation techniques and therapeutic methods is a great option if you’re feeling stuck in success with treatment or just in need of an outlet.
We all face challenges on a daily basis that take a toll on our physical being as well as our emotions. What we don’t always realize is the toll our everyday lives take on our subconscious and spiritual selves. We place so much emphasis on our physical being, the part of us that is walking around on earth that everyone sees. When we start thinking of our bodies as simply the physical vesicle that our spirit inhabits, we start paying more attention to who we truly are, along with our mental and emotional needs. This mindset also helps us to see others for who they truly are without passing judgment on their appearance. Alternative healing practices can help bring us closer to this state of mind by causing us to pause, collect our thoughts, and connect to ourselves as well as the world around us on a deeper level.

By: Susan Kouzel, DI